About Us

DMS Shredding FacilityDMS Shredding, INC. with 2 locations in Wilkes-Barre and now at their new Lackawanna County location adjacent to DeNaples Auto Parts on Wheeler Avenue in Dunmore has been recycling
ferrous and non ferrous metals for over a decade. They use their on-site metal shredder and Eddy Current System to process incoming scrap metals so that they can insure a quality product for their mill end users.

DMS Shredding processes unwanted items such as old vehicles, appliances, machinery, metal shelving, sheet metal, or any kind of sheet and ships the scrap metal by rail carrier to mill end users. They also recycle steel cans, aluminum scrap and aluminum cans. DMS Shredding Inc. has processed and recycled millions of pounds of ferrous metals.

We also buy prepared and unprepared wire. DMS Shredding, Inc. is paying the absolute highest prices for all scrap.  We are a DeNaples company serving northeastern Pennsylvania for over 50 years.  We’re local people helping local people. Because we are local you can save on transportation. If you can’t bring your unwanted items in we will come and get them. We will also provide a on-site container. 

DMS Shredding deals with individuals and companies when it comes to disposition of any metal product.

The DeNaples companies are leading the way in environmentally safe shredding and recycling.